ITO 630/3-A50 Mid-frequency Induction Heater (reconstruction)

ITO 630/3-A50 Mid-frequency Induction Heater (reconstruction)

The heater was reconstruction for the Ostroj Opava Group and is designed for the induction heating of cross-sectionally round steel billets up to forging temperatures.  The reason for the reconstruction was to eliminate a problem of billets sticking to each other at the inductor exit.  The pneumatic jaw extractor was replaced with a roller extractor, which helps guide the billets leaving the inductor in such a manner that that billet exit angle doesn't change until the entire billet is clear of the inductor core.  Due to this change,  all the inductor ports were changed. Simultaneously, the hot billet sorter was changed for a slightly different model that allows for the installation of a billet separator, which functions to separate billets which are occasionally stuck to each other as they leave the inductor.   It could be said that the billet separator is capable of separating billets stuck to each other that would normally break apart if dropped to the floor from a height of .5 meters.  From the center chute of the hot billet sorter, properly heated pieces fall and continue on to the press window.

Basic Technical Parameters  ITO 630/3-A50

Heated Material magnetic steel
Billet Dimensions Ø D,  [mm] 30 - 80
Length l [mm] 36 - 500
Power [kW]  630
Frequency [kHz]  1 - 2,5
Maximum Process Capacity [kg/h] 1500
Billet Delivery Temperature [°C] max. 1300




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