SIKZ 160/10 Mid-frequency Induction Hardening System

SIKZ 160/10 Mid-frequency Induction Hardening System

This system for mid-frequency induction hardening was designed in cooperation with the company Martenzit. It consists of consecutive special mid-frequency hardeners SP-01 and Z-01, Mid-frequency frequency generator, three-phase transformer, water cooling system VH-01-2S, cooling mini-tower, and an inductor. 
In consideration that the customer required processing a wide sortiment of dissimilar parts, various methods of induction technology needed to be applied. Unfortunately, this created too many varied system requirements, which was not possible to resolve with only one technology type.  For this reason, two separate, conceptually different hardening systems were chosen.  Because the energy requirements, regarding both power output and frequency, were sufficient for the entire process sortiment, it was possible to supply both machines with one single mid-frequency converter. 

  • The SP-01 hardening system - construction is based on experience in tried and tested concepts of vertical traverse hardening, with the ability to harden parts with a diameter of up to 500mm.  In it's basic form, the equipment can be used for traverse hardening of non-rotating parts.  Furthermore, it can be used for hardening toothed gears with modules m=10 and larger, to an 500mm diameter using a tooth-by-tooth method.
  • The special Z-01 system - consists of a single-function hardening heater, designed specially for applications involving toothed gears with a diameter up to 2000mm and with modules m>=10 using a tooth-by-tooth (respectively notch-by-notch) method.  The equipment also allows the hardening of large (for example, travelling) wheels using traverse hardening with the necessary softness required in the area of connection. 
    The particular cycle for hardening toothed gears takes place as follows: after attaching the gear to the machine and setting parameters, the wheel is set into a locked index.  Next, the appropriate notch (or gap) is automatically heated.  Then the gear index lock is released and the gear automatically turns until reaching the next position to be heated (set by the lock index), and gear is secured and the cycle repeats.  The entire gear is processed without the need for the operator to intervene.
  • Mid-frequency Supply - the mid-frequency static converter ensures the transition of electrical current of grid-based frequency to the frequency needed for induction hardening.  It is a modern semi-conductor based mid-frequency converter with a power output rating of 160kW and a working frequency of 10kHz. The converter is installed into a double-cabinet (main power/control power) that is mechanically attached to a single shared frame.  The supply is equipped with direct-current monitoring of voltage and current in the mid-circuit, and frequency of the mid-frequency current.
  • The VH-01 system - contained water-cooling system VH-01-2S is an automatic cooling equipment consisting of cooling distribution and cooling for the induction hardening system.water system cooling distribution.  The primary water-cooling circuit is attachable to a cooling micro-tower.  To separate secondary circuit are designed the lower temperatures of the electronics and the actual hardened product.  This system is equipped with monitoring of pressure, temperature, levels, and flow in all of its circuits and is controlled by an advanced PLC-based system.

A necessary part of the entire hardening system is the electronic control system, which ensures automatic and manual functions of the equipment and its stability.  The control system allows for a high level of variability in the technological process due to the options available based on the hardening program.  The hardening program is openly definable.

Basic Technical Parameters SIKZ 160/10

  SP-01 Hardening System Z-01 Special System
Part Dimensions max. Circular diameter [mm] 500 2000
max. Length [mm] 1000 -
max. Height [mm] - 300
max. Weight  [kg] 5000 5000
Hardening Area max. Vertical diameter [mm] 250 -
max. Vertical Length [mm] 1000 -
min. two-way diameter [mm] - 500
max. two-way diameter [mm] 500 2000
min. diameter tooth-by-tooth [mm] - 500
max. diameter tooth-by-tooth [mm] 500 2000
max. part height [mm] - 300
min.module size [mm] m 10
Hardening Technology

Consecutive gear tooth-by-tooth

traversal-vertical heating,

one-shot gear-tooth heating

and special heaters

Consecutive gear tooth-by-tooth

traversal heating,

one-shot gear-tooth heating

and special heaters

Supply Parameters  Power [kW]  160
Frequency [kHz] 10


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