Bin Unloaders

Bin Unloaders

Bin Unloaders VP-2000, VP-2003, VP 2010

They facilitate moving the billets out of transport bins into a vibratory feeder or interfeeder. Bins are inserted into the bin support frame using a forklift or overhead crane.

The bin is held inside the unloader housing using various methods, depending on the type and design of bin that the customer currently uses.  Different fastening systems can include use of a chain, a springed-levered mechanism, a gravity pawl system, or even pneumatic bracketing systems. When activated, the platform slowly rotates out, tipping the bin, at which time the billets begin to fall onto the offload chute and into the vibratory feeder or interfeeder.

Technical specifications    

VP 2000, VP 2003

VP 2010

Maximum Product Weight [kg] 2000 2000
Floorspace required - length x width [mm] 1900 x1100 2250 x 1480
Bin specifications - length x width [mm] 800 x 1200 900 x 1000

Bin Unloader VP-2000 with Vibratory Feeder VZ-1300

Bin Unloader VP-2000 should be used in conjunction with the Vibratory Feeder VZ-1300 (or 1800). Since the lower edge of the inclinable platform is 1.8 m above the floor, a service platform is recommended to be installed for easier handling of the bin unloader.

In its standard version, the unloader is designed to accept bin model number 2-80-3307-1. If your application requires a facilitating a different bin design, please let us know in our quote request form or consult your sales representative.

Bin Unloader VP-2003 with Vibratory Feeder VZ-1300

Benefit of the VP-2003 Bin Unloader is that the bin is inserted into the bin frame nearly at floor level. After proper insertion, the bin receptacle initially hydraulically raises up until it reaches tipping height, then the bin rotations begins and the billets are unloaded into the feeder. This keeps the work environment safer by keeping dangerously heavy masses closer to the floor. In its base position, the inclinable platform is 0.7 m above the floor.


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