About us

About us

Roboterm Ltd was formed in 1991 after a partial privatization of the research and development that was originally based at the state-backed Enterprise ZEZ. Our experts have 30 years of experience in the area of induction heating and handling devices. In 1992, the firm expanded the manufacturing program with development and production of testing equipment for car repair shops and Motor Vehicle Inspection Departments. The nature of our work demands precision and conforming to rigorous industry standards. We work in cooperation with the faculty of both the Machinery and the Electrical Engineering department at the Technical University Located in Prague, and Liberec, respectively. Presently the company employs 75 workers and its annual turnover is 90 million Czech crowns.

In the field of induction heating, our customer base includes firms such as Skoda Auto/Mladá Boleslav, Škoda Auto/Plzeň, OSTROJ Opava, Žďas Žďár nad Sázavou, VIVA Zlín, and others. Our products have also been sold to foreign customers located in Algeria, Iran, Egypt, China, Saudi Arabia, Hungary, Russia, Finland, Lithuania, and Germany.

Until 1999, all of our production in the field of Auto-testing Equipment auto repair shops and Motor Vehicle Inspection firms had been exported.  In 1999 we received contracts for supplying our auto-testing equipment to the Czech Republic state-run Inspection Departments for Motor Vehicles and we began shipping units to other customers in our own country and our neighbor, Slovakia. Our satisifed customers can be found within companies located in Belgium, Holland, France and Germany. Our testing lanes can be found also in Norway, Portugal, Brazil and Turkey.


Induction Annealing Equipment

20.2.2020 Induction annealing machines are designed for heat treatment of welded joints to... more...

PF 2020

10.12.2019 Thank you for your cooperation in 2019 and wish you many personal and work achievements in 2020. ROBOTERM Chotěboř wishes you a Merry Christmas and Happy New Year 2020! more...

We visited the fair in Düsseldorf

27.6.2019 The world's largest event in the field of heating and processing metals The Bright World of Metals 2019, held from 25th to 29th June 2019, opened its gates again after not being held for four years. more...

PF 2019

10.12.2018 Thank you for your cooperation in 2018 and wish you many personal and work achievements in 2019. ROBOTERM Chotěboř wishes you a Merry Christmas and Happy New Year 2019! more...

Mid-frequency Induction Heater SOP 700/5-A130

23.4.2018 Induction heater made for Řetězárna Česká Třebová Ltd. is used for induction heating of blanks „L" 700 ÷ 1300 mm up to forging temperature. It consists of input and output mechanisms, a heater box, more...

VP 1600 Bin Unloader

14.3.2018 The VP 1600 bin unloader is designed for the transfer of venting stems from a pallet bin. This equipment can also be used for transferring other product from pallet bins, as long as the weight of each piece does more...

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